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Publisher Marvel Comics
Real name Thundra
Identity Public
Occupation Empress of Femizonia
Place of Birth Central Birthing Center, Greater Miago, Midwestern Republic
Marital Status Engaged
Legal Status Citizen of the United Sisterhood Republic in an alternate future of the 23rd Century (Earth-8009)
Group Affilation Empress of the Sisterhood; formerly Frightful Four, former agent of Roxxon Oil Corporation
Know Relatives Superia (alleged ancestor), Arkon (consort) Lyra
First Appearance Fantastic Four #129 (1972)

Thundra is a warrior woman and time traveler from an alternate future 23rd century. In the future society she hails from, planet Earth is now known as Femizonia and is ruled by amazon-like female overlords (Femizons) who have conquered and enslaved the diminished male population. The former United States is now the 'United Sisterhood Republic', and Thundra hails from the megalopolis of Greater Milago (a merged sprawl of Milwaukee and Chicago), located in the United Sisterhood's Midwestern Republic. Thundra is renowned as the United Sisterhood's most formidable warrior, having been physically enhanced by genetic engineering and trained from childhood in combat, the martial arts, and military strategy.

She is sent to the 20th century to challenge Fantastic Four member the Thing to a bout of one-on-one combat, believing him to be the strongest male of all time. By besting the Thing in combat, she feels she can prove once and for all that women were superior to the male gender, and finally end a stagnant war between Femizonia and the warlike, male dominated planet of Machus, where the female population had been subjugated by its ruler Mahkizmo.

Thundra is also recruited into the evil group of supervillains known as the Frightful Four by the Wizard, and they battled the Fantastic Four. She secretly has her own agenda and has no real interest in the group. She battled the Thing in personal combat, and then wound up ultimately switching sides and helping the Fantastic Four defeat the Frightful Four after she quits that group.

She later battled the Hulk, who was possessing the Thing's body at the time. Thundra later assisted the Fantastic Four against the Frightful Four again, and then assisted the Fantastic Four against Namor the Sub-Mariner. Her time travel from 23rd Century Femizonia, an alternate future ruled by women, to prevent the formation of Machus, an alternate future ruled by men, was finally revealed. Alongside the Fantastic Four, she battled Mahkizmo. She ultimately remained in the 20th Century after a dimensional interface of Femizonia and Machus occurred.  She later assisted the Fantastic Four and Tigra against the Frightful Four,  and then assisted the Fantastic Four, Tigra, and the Impossible Man against the Brute, Mad Thinker, and Annihilus. 

Thundra later met wrestling promoter Herkimer Oglethorpe, and on his advice she became a professional wrestler training with the Grapplers, a group of female wrestlers who possess cybernetic-endowed superpowers. In a fixed wrestling match with one Grappler member, Thundra (who has superior strength and fighting skills) is secretly drugged by her opponent, causing her to black out and lose the match.

When she awakens, it was revealed that the Grapplers were actually agents working for the Roxxon Oil Company, a multinational petroleum company which was covertly involved in developing advanced technology and weaponry for sinister motives. The Grapplers were assigned to trick Thundra into helping them sabotage Project Pegasus, a prison/research facility built for housing supervillains. They were employed the smuggle the Nth Projector out of Project Pegasus.


As a result of the deception by Roxxon and the Grapplers, Thundra came to blows (yet again) with the Thing (with whom she has expressed a romantic interest in, on more than one occasion).  Alongside the Thing, Quasar, Giant-Man, and the Aquarian, she fought the Nth Man.  She encountered the duplicate Hyperion and the Avengers, and battled Ms. Marvel.  She is briefly allied with the duplicate Hyperion while still in service to Roxxon, and with him stole the Nth Projector from the Nth Command, before she returned to an alternate Femizonia which did not interface with Machus. Some time later, Thundra was revealed as the Empress of Femizonia. She teamed with the Thing to battle Machan rebels.  She later abducted the Avengers and Fantastic Four to the future to enlist their aid in defending Femizonia from the extra-dimensional warlord Arkon and his warriors from Polemachus.

She fought Arkon in personal combat, and became romantically inclined toward him. 

However, Thundra has a special place in her heart for Ben Grimm/the Thing. In addition to her amorous advances, the two have been involved in numerous superheroic adventures; one significant pairing of the two involved enlisting Grimm to help liberate Femizonia from a powerful, six-armed android sent from Machus to conquer the Femizons. After defeating the android, Grimm informed Thundra that they could never be together, expressing his love for Alicia Masters. Thundra then allowed him to return to the 20th century.

Secret Invasion: Inhumans

Medusa and Crystal infiltrate Thundra's present-day homeland in order to retrieve part of a device required to rescue Black Bolt from the Skrulls intent on weaponizing him. As tensions between the two disguised women boil over, Thundra appears and compels them to undertake the ritual combat required of the society to resolve the disagreement. 

Lady Liberators:

Thundra, Sue Storm and Valkyrie team up with She-Hulk and her Skrull partner Jazinda (masquerading as a Shi'ar) in order to forcibly distribute stagnating aid in the corrupt country of Marinmer. When She-Hulk denies Jazinda's joke that they met up through an interstellar lesbian dating service, Thundra remarks that it is a pity. 

Alliance with the Red Hulk

The Red Hulk battles the Lady Liberators and tricks them into believing they caused him to pass out. Red Hulk then kidnaps Thundra, and offers her an alliance after deducing she was the only one of the group that was willing to kill him.  After agreeing to the alliance, Thundra becomes a subordinate of the Intelligencia, a group of genius villains founded by Leader. After Red Hulk is betrayed by the Intelligencia, Thundra aids him in his escape and leaves the group.  Since her departure from the group, her daughter Lyra has joined their ranks.


As a result of genetic engineering, Thundra has vast superhuman strength and resistance to physical injury sufficient to allow her to stand toe to toe with the likes of the Thing. Her speed, stamina, agility, and reflexes are heightened to the peak of natural human capability. She has undergone intensive pain-management training.

Trained as a warrior, with extensive training in the hand-to-hand and military combat techniques of the 23rd Century, she is a seasoned combat veteran who possesses superior fighting skills and is considered to be the greatest warrior among her people. Thundra is also a skilled combatant with a sword or her three-foot linked chain, the latter of which is her weapon of choice, often attached to a bracelet on her left forearm.

Thundra possesses a number of powers that are the result of genetic engineering such as:

Superhuman Strength: Thundra is superhumanly strong. She possesses sufficient strength to lift approximately 60 tons.
Superhuman Durability: Thundra's body is considerably more resistant to injury than that of an ordinary human. She is capable of withstanding punches from the likes of the Thing and small caliber bullets without sustaining injury.
Peak Human Speed: Thundra is capable of running at speeds of 35 miles per hour.
Peak Human Stamina: Thundra is able to exert herself at peak capacity about 24 hours before fatigue begins to affect her.
Peak Human Agility: Despite her size, Thundra's agility is enhanced to the very peak of human efficiency.
Peak Human Reflexes: Thundra's reaction time is enhanced to the very peak of human efficiency.

She has received military training since the age of 8 and is an expert in multiple forms of armed and unarmed combat.
Strength level:

Thundra is superhumanly strong. She possesses sufficient strength to lift approximately 60 tons.


Thundra commonly uses a chain as a weapon.

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