©Roman Schwachöfer

Publisher Marvel Comics
Real name Surtur


Legal Status Secret
Occupation Monarch of Muspelheim, destroyer
Place of Birth Unrevealed, possibly Muspelheim
Known Relatives None
Significant Issues First appearance (Journey Into Mystery #97, 1963), Freed by the Sons of Satannish (Avengers #61, 1969), Attempts to take over Asgard; battles Odin, Thor and Loki (Thor #349-353, 1984)
Group Affilation Ymir, Malekith, Hela
First Appearance Journey Into Mystery #97 (1963)

Surtur was an enormous fiery demon native to the dimension of Asgard. Possessed of evil intelligence and vast power, Surtur was one of the major elemental forces of evil that the Asgardians feared. He was a mystical being whose existence predated that of Odin himself. Over 1,000 feet tall and wielding a huge fiery sword, he was once imprisoned by Odin at the Earth's core. Along with Ymir the Frost Giant and the Midgard Serpent, Surtur was the most powerful of Asgard's native enemies.


Surtur has been freed from imprisonment a few times over the years. The first time the Asgardian god of mischief Loki set Surtur free to wreak havok on Earth. The second time Surtur was set free by Marduk of the Sons of Satannish, a cult of human demon-worshippers. Surtur was banished to some unnamed netherworld at the end of that encounter. He appeared, yet again, in what was to be one of the Asgardians greatest battles against Surtur. Surtur hatched a plan to lure Asgard's armies to Earth leaving the city vulnerable to attack. He crossed Bifrost with his newly forged Twilight blade believing Asgard to be defenseless; Odin, Thor and Loki were there to make a last stand to defeat Surtur. Their victory did not come easy though, as Odin fell along with Surtur into a dimensional rift.

Surtur apparently died along with the Asgardians during Ragnarok. 


Surtur was depicted as an immense and malevolent being whose power was of apocalyptic proportions. Surtur possessed strength and durability surpassing that of Thor; the ability to generate intense heat, flames or concussive force; molecular manipulation; levitation and inter-dimensional travel. Surtur is an enormous fire demon, standing over 1,000 ft. in height. He possesses superhuman strength, stamina, and durability far surpassing that of Thor. He is possibly a being composed of "living" flame and can manipulate cosmic energy to generate intense heat, flames or concussive force, holding might deemed near-omnipotent. He can also manipulate cosmic energy for various effects, including levitation, molecular manipulation of himself, inter-dimensional teleportation, and immortality.

He is vulnerable to intense cold, and can be imprisoned by certain magical spells or by other beings wielding cosmic energy powers equaling his own; Surtur's powers are usually shown to at least rival those of the All-Father's. Surtur is a master warrior and swordsman, and has a prehensile tail. He possesses an immeasurable intellect, and has vast knowledge of ancient and arcane wisdom. Surtur possesses the giant sword Twilight, also known as the Sword of Doom, composed of an unknown metal.


The sword is magic, capable of manipulating vast amounts of mystical energy, such as shattering dimensional barriers and inhibiting Odin's powers.

Loki has temporarily tapped into the power of the sword to change Thor into a frog (Thor is normally resistant to this type of magical transformation) and making the Asgardian populace sick (Asgardians are normally immune to disease). Morgan Le Fay tapped into the power of the sword to reshape the entire planet Earth from modern day into a medieval world after using the chaos magic of the Scarlet Witch to "bridge the gap" between her personal faerie powers and the Asgardian magics bound to the blade. When the sword is bonded with the Eternal Flame, its powers are further increased to an unknown level.

The Eternal Flame has an unknown connection to Surtur. When in its vicinity, Surtur claimed it increased his powers. It is unknown to what extent this power increase leads to.