The Silver Surfer    

©Roman Schwachöfer



Marvel Comics

Real name

Norrin Radd

Know aliases

Sentinel or Sky-Rider of the Spaceways, Silverado, Silver Savage


True identity unknown to most of Earth


Interstellar Adventurer

Place of Birth

Zenn-La, Deneb System, Milky Way Galaxy

Known Relatives

Jartran Radd (father, deceased), Elmar Radd (mother, deceased), Fennan Radd (half-brother, possibly deceased)

Group Affilation

Heralds of Galactus; Formerly Defenders, the Order, Star Masters, Secret Defenders, Titans Three

First Appearance

Fantastic Four #48 (1966)

The Silver Surfer, who symbolizes the highest aspiratons of the spirit, also represents Marvel's most sincere effort to elevate the super hero genre. This noble, contemplative, unselfish character is an anomaly in the slam-bang world of comic books, and as such he has proven to be something of an acquired taste, a character who appeals primarily to older and comparatively sophisticated readers. Ironically enough, when this benevolent alien first appeared he was working for one of the most terrifying villains in comics, the godlike being known as GALACTUS. It was the Surfer's courageous decision to defy his master that made him a hero, but for his pains he was condemned to spend his life on the planet Earth, denied all access to the endless universe he loved to explore. There are parallels here to the Biblical fall of Adam, who lost paradise in the exercise of his free will and thus was doomed to mortal misery.

The Silver Surfer, however, was not tained by original sin, and remained a detached, bemused observer of human folly.As a symbol of limitless freedom dragged down by mundane reality. The Surfer was indeed a tragic figure, yet he never lost his essential innocence. The character first appeared in 1966, drawn by Jack Kirby as an afterthought for a story that was already plotted; writer Stan Lee immediately fell in love with The Silver Surfer, and for years would allow nobody else to create his inimitably high minded dialogue. Eventually Lee and artist John Buscema invented a background for "The Sentinel of the Spaceways," and revealed that he was originally Norrin Radd, a restless inhabitant of a utopian planet. When his race was threatened by the all-consuming Galactus, Norrin Radd saved the day by offering to aid the menace in his endless quest for worlds to devour. In sacrificing himself twice, once for his own people and again for humanity, Silver Surfer took on Christlike qualities.


The selflessness that made him so admired has finally been rewarded, and today he is free to soar among the stars. The Silver Surfer first appeared in the classic Fantastic Four 48, 49 and 50. As the original Herald of Galactus, the Silver Surfer searches across the galaxy to find planets with energy to fulfill Galactus's appetite. Soaring through the Milky way the Surfer happens across the planet Earth. Unknown to Galactus and the Surfer, the Watcher had traveled to Earth to warn the Fantastic Four of the Coming of Galactus. 


After signaling Galactus, the Surfer battles with the Fantastic Four. In battle, the Surfer is knocked off of the Baxter Building and lands in the apartment of Alicia Masters. Alicia convinces the Surfer that the planet Earth is worth saving.


Fully recovered from his earlier battle, the Surfer challenges Galactus pleading for him to look for a different planet to devour. Galactus ignores the Silver Surfer's request and begins the process of destroying the planet Earth. Galactus is finally stopped by the Fantastic Four when the Human Torch breaks into Galactus's starship and steals the Ultimate Nullifier, a super powerful weapon. Mr. Fantastic threatens to destroy Galactus with the Ultimate Nullifer if he does not stop his attempt to consume the planet Earth. Defeated in battle, Galactus swears to never harm the Earth again. In fury over the Silver Surfer's betrayal, Galactus dooms the Silver Surfer to be confined to the planet Earth forever. Superhuman Powers: Superhuman strength, stamina,and resistance to injury ,ability to survive without food or oxygen, heightened senses, ability to project the power cosmic energy for a variety of effects.


Powers: Empowered by Galactus Power Cosmic